A Tiny Giraffe

my_giraffe_090813_01I have a ‘thing’ for giraffes, I’m not quite sure why…

In my earliest childhood when I was first discovering animals – and I couldn’t quite believe just how many species there were; as soon as I ‘discovered’ one and thought that was it, up popped another one! It made me dizzy with excitement! – I remember being fascinated at a photograph of a giraffe. As with all animals I studied it: the animal had spotty, patchy markings and a very long neck! How unusual that was, I thought. And beautiful. I drew them for a long while.

my_giraffe_090813_03In Africa they are a symbol for love.

I made my little giraffe out of felt, embroidery threads for stitching together and green mane, real onyx beads for eyes, and sequins for the patches. He is stuffed with safe polyester toy stuffing and his felt skin is worked over a pipe-cleaner frame to give him some structure…to stop him from falling over. Perfect he isn’t: the pattern I designed isn’t quite right and his little tail is a little inverted… but he is unique as giraffes are and I love him.


If you’re looking for a good book, Tears of the Giraffe, a book from the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, the warm, so-human and humourful series written by Alexander McCall Smith is a wonderful read.

my_giraffe_sunbeam_amp 008*

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Shoe-Boxes for Children at Christmas

I made these to put in Mum’s shoe-boxes that go to children at Christmas. I’m not sure of the charity’s name.

Hanging Seahorse ornament + an orange critter, maybe a Fox?

I know…more *mushrooms*! These mini mushrooms went as a pair in one shoe-box. A gent and a lady pair 😉


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Phlegm and Medicine Bottle

Best buddies Phlegm and Cough Mixture are looking for a new loving *healthy* home!

Phlegm and Medicine Bottle felt characters. A unique couple because no two lots of phlegm looks the same.

This naughty green ‘personality’ (cough-onality) is made without a pattern, but cut out in a freestyle / abstract way. He has genuine black onyx eyes and both characters are sewn with embroidery threads using felt material and filled with safe toy stuffing. Cough Mixture even has his name embroided on his bottle!

The phlegm you see on your monitor is the phlegm you get. (Not a result of you coughing).

Phlegm and Cough Mixture are the best of friends because as they say: opposites do attract. And, in any case, where would they be without the other?

They really aren’t toys, but intended for less serious minded adults.

Cough up £20 plus the shipping costs and this dynamic couple could be yours!

“Cough-onality Phlegm may not seem – being green and sticky – the most pleasantest of characters however he has a terrific sense of humour and cannot stop coughing when Cough Mixture tells him silly jokes! Without his buddy, Cough Mixture just wouldn’t know what to do. He says laughter is the best medicine”

Cough up and give best buddies Phlegm and Cough Mixture a new loving *healthy* home!


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