Two Mushrooms Came A-Walking!

2mushroom_people_watercolour_090813Quicky watercolour of Two Mushroom People!

I used the water colour pencils from Staedtler.


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DREAMLAND ~ A Treasure Box


I have just listed my recently completed Treasure Box, Dreamland, on ebay *HERE*

This jewellery or treasure box is truly ‘one of a kind’ (OOAK), with an original design painted in professional acrylics by me, Stephanie Faith. There are many details such as a genuine Swarovski beauty spot and a hidden ‘flower’. The ebay listing has the full details – and many large pics! 🙂

A dreamer with long golden hair, sleeping on pillows of deep violet clouds in a dark sky awash with gold stars. Bleeding Heart flowers gently bough their lilac heads…and the dream goes on.




To bid, click *HERE*


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Phlegm and Medicine Bottle

Best buddies Phlegm and Cough Mixture are looking for a new loving *healthy* home!

Phlegm and Medicine Bottle felt characters. A unique couple because no two lots of phlegm looks the same.

This naughty green ‘personality’ (cough-onality) is made without a pattern, but cut out in a freestyle / abstract way. He has genuine black onyx eyes and both characters are sewn with embroidery threads using felt material and filled with safe toy stuffing. Cough Mixture even has his name embroided on his bottle!

The phlegm you see on your monitor is the phlegm you get. (Not a result of you coughing).

Phlegm and Cough Mixture are the best of friends because as they say: opposites do attract. And, in any case, where would they be without the other?

They really aren’t toys, but intended for less serious minded adults.

Cough up £20 plus the shipping costs and this dynamic couple could be yours!

“Cough-onality Phlegm may not seem – being green and sticky – the most pleasantest of characters however he has a terrific sense of humour and cannot stop coughing when Cough Mixture tells him silly jokes! Without his buddy, Cough Mixture just wouldn’t know what to do. He says laughter is the best medicine”

Cough up and give best buddies Phlegm and Cough Mixture a new loving *healthy* home!


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Sox, A Stripey Bug

Do you like her?

Sox is made with polymer clay and painted with best quality Windsor & Newton acrylic paints. Real black onyx eyes and other genuine gemstones (jade) for the ends of the copper wire antenae. Glow-in-the-dark fimo spots on her wings. Sealed with gloss. Smiling, she sits on a piece of felt. She stands about 9cm tall, including the height of her antenae.

Sox is not a toy, but an ornament.

I made her for a friend’s daughter so she isn’t for sale. But if you would like one, especially commissioned for you – colours can be chosen! – do get in touch –

mushroompeople @stephaniefaith .net

(Remembering to close the spaces).

Each bug is different, a one of a kind (OOAK), sculptured without use of moulds – each one is therefore unique and cannot be exactly replicated. Your Bug will arrive safely and beautifully packed in a sturdy box with bubble wrap, and a decorative bag. I ship to most countries. Please allow a month for completion. £20. plus shipping.


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Meet the Mushroom People

Wow. I cannot believe how long it has been since I’ve properly blogged. Which includes neglecting my beloved i love flower beetles blog.

There’s a lot of content I have that I’d like to add, related to gardening and creating things.

The world is built on dreams!My latest project is creating sculptures from polymer clay and then painting them with professional quality acrylic paints (Windsor + Newton). I’ve sculpted before with Fimo and other hobby clays but never made creatures like this…meaning the effort, care and time being put into them, the attention to detail, the extra embellishments such as sparkly mica powders, genuine swarovski gems, wire-work, steampunk cogs, glow-in-the-dark Fimo and textile pieces such as felt flowers… Also, the scale of some of the work is larger, such as the Steampunk Seahorse (photo to follow!)

Deep within the woods of England – and no doubt beyond – hidden from ordinary eyes are the Mushroom People. They are a quiet folk, simple in their ways, ever watchful and optimistic. However in their gentleness, there is a vanity about them – for each and every one – finds profound pride and unfoundering pleasure in their majestic hats. Mere mortal, never make the mistake of stealing a mushroom their hat!

Millinery Magnifico!

Millinery Magnifico!

Let me introduce – – –

Trio of the Mushroom People

Sparkle of the Mushroom People

MoonWatcher of the Mushroom People

By day, the happy-go-lucky Trio sit at their favourite mossy place by the bubbling brook. They watch the dance of the dragonflies, the lively family of shrews that home in the embankment, the birds and rabbits and others that drink from and bathe in the water, and the escapades of the fairies… The sunlight poking through the thick trees hits the water so that the brook sparkles as it bubbles. By night whilst you and I – and indeed they – sleep, the spots on their hats glow in the dark.

Sparkle is a cheeky little fellow. His mother’s love of gems are probably the fault of that…she decorates her children’s hats with costly jewels, and of course being such a madame mushroom herself, adorns her own hat with them too. She glitters and glides about the wood neglecting to reprimand her naughty mushroom offspring. So it’s no wonder Sparkle gets up to mischief. Don’t misunderstand me, he’s a rascal, but he’s cute too.

MoonWatcher is such a romantic! Whilst the majority sleep – except for the bats and the owls and the moths and the millipedes and the beetles and the really badly behaved fairy folk – she watches the moon. Most people star-gaze, but MoonWatcher says there’s only one moon and it should – 2nd to her big and beautiful hat – be revered.

These Mushroom People will be soon available for sale.

Each one is a OOAK (one of a kind) which means there will never ever be another exactly the same. No moulds used, sculptured by hand, each a unique personality. More info regarding details and sale will be blogged a little later.

You can always email me of your interest though, at contact@ (remembering to close the spaces). Subject line ‘Mushroom People’ helps evade the virtual dustbin of the spam folder.

Please share this post – and – thank you for dropping by 🙂


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