Shelly Cat ~ Textile Picture

shelleycattextile19july_03This is a textile picture I made for a friend, Catherine. I wanted to send her some cheer because of feeling poorly – and it was a surprise gift; a very personal gift too as it is of Shelly her and her husband Jim’s beloved cat.

shelleycattextile19july_04I met Shelly briefly whilst they visited and stayed with me, in their caravan in our front garden. Jim who also has a classic Sunbeam motorcycle had contacted me with enthusiasm to help restore my British Classic. Because there was – unbeknown to me – much to do to get my motorbike on the road they ended up staying over three nights!

My mum has many of her own textile wallhangings in the house and these were greatly admired by Catherine and Jim, so I thought why not make Catherine a smaller similar picture?

Ollie, their feisty cute Chihuahua puppy was another possible personality but I thought of Shelly’s beautiful big blue eyes – and the large amount of lilac felt would lend well for creating her body and face.

The picture itself has 2 layers of white felt with padding inbetween – I lightly quilted these 3 layers together with hand embroided stitches in white. Felt – lilac, white, red and blue – are the main materials used; the picture and hanger are decorated with embroidery threads, a little purple-black voile (to layer the red felt of the cushion), and an assortment of plastic and glass beads: round, cubed, hearted and flowered. If you look in the bottom-right corner you can see a blue ladybird too 😉


Copyright SteffNouveau 2013


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